Well, you know how Karma sometimes fucks you up? Well, for me it is always. Being raised an Indian, I used to believe in superstitions all the time. Let me recite some.

While sitting on a bench, keep your legs at rest, if you move them around, your mother will have stomach ache! (I believed that *pokerface*)

If I enter a room with left foot first, bad things will happen. (*___*)

I very fiercely believed that my wish will come true if I blow eyelash after placing it on knuckles. (Reason I have less dense eyelashes >.<)

And most of all, if you boast about anything or get cocky about anything, that surely, surely come back to you. And this has happened countless times, that whenever something goes minutely wrong, I sit to recall if I did anything wrong in the day which would include yelling at anyone or hurting a fly(I can’t hurt an ant).

So, today when I talked to colleague that it useless to buy a netflix connection as everything is available on the internet, I was rewarded with 123movies not working and me eating my dinner in silence, which I hate the most. Dinner time is the best time of the day, the feeling of being relaxed after a stressful day and hot dinner in front of you with your favourite serial playing on the laptop., ah! no joy compares to that…but karma.. why you do this? Why you spoil my dinner? *sobs*



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