Writing – My love

Lately, I have not written much, it is like the ideas have left me. Does this happen to you? That sometimes you fear that the only thing that you love is going away from you because you are so busy in your life? Your creativity is being crushed by the deep-rooted and persistent stress? Is it only me?

Writing soothes me in a way nothing in the world can. While tripping a sudden realization did hit me, we are the only ones capable of creation and our creation is the dearest things to us. Like the art, writing, painting, every art is a way of creation. This world is a blank canvas, and we are gifted! Whatever I write, is my creation, is my baby, is my gift to myself and my little world and sometimes I like the way my writings bring back the memories, specific memories. Each of the writing has a thought, a feeling linked to it and I hate it when I just go on days without writing anything, as it would mean that part of my life isn’t documented somewhere for me to revisit it!

I fear that my lifestyle, the job, is going to destroy my willingness to write, to create and to immerse myself in simpler joys of life. Maybe, I just need to manage my time in a better way and stop overthinking. *pokerface*



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